Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Broken Mirror, Broken Back or Broke Back Mirror (Amy says ;)


As we were moving out of the old place we managed to break a mirror in the bedroom. IT was a pretty crappy thing with a plastic frame and a cardboard back. We reckoned it wouldn't cost more than $50 to replace so were happy for it to be taken from our deposit. When we meet up with the lady she said the mirror was actually going to cost $225 to replace. We were flabbergasted (I love that word). She gave us a check for the deposit minus the $225.

We were gutted but not defeated. We rang round a load of mirror and glass places and found out it would only cost $35 to replace the broken mirror. So we hatched a plan...

Yesterday at 7am i got up and headed from the East Village back to Brooklyn.
The trains were messed up so this took about 70 minutes.
I then proceeded to pull all the broken mirror out of the frame - a surprisingly tricky (and dangerous) job.
Got back on subway with empty frame and headed off to the mirror shop.
Handed over the $35 to have it fixed.
Wandered off and got a coffee.
Collected mirror - which was now very heavy - and carried it back to the flat.*
Ran to work.

The whole operation took a little under 4 hours and a lot of sweat! But now will be getting a check for $225 back which was well worth all the effort.

*(It was pretty funny seeing how many people checked themselves out in the giant mirror as i walked by! Vanity is a common affliction)

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