Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eddie Fly The Sailor


This weekend I had to do a bit of basic DIY so off to the hardware shop we went for the bits and pieces we needed.

Although a box of screws doesn’t cost much it reminded me of a thing we used to do as kids.

Every time we went down to see my Grandpa and Grandma in South Wales we’d collect up any nuts, bolts or screws we saw lying in the street. We always found a small handful of shiny things that would then be given as a gift from us kids to own of my Grandpa’s best friends – Eddie Fly The Sailor.

Now I don’t know much about Eddie.

I don’t know if his surname was Fly and I have no idea if he was ever a sailor.

All I know is that he loved the nuts and bolts we’d find for him.

This was about 20 odd years ago so I can honestly say Eddie was at the forefront of the eco movement – Reuse and Recycle!

It’s Earth Month folks so keep your eyes open for any interesting things you see lying in the street. You never know when they might come in handy.

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sparky said...

Eddies surname was Flye a very rare surname. He was called sailor because he walked with a rolling gait. He was also a retired "steam-roller(road)driver. The screws were dropped by workers who were putting a roof on a shopping mall. All the "do-it yourselfers" in the town didn't have to buy another screw for years.