Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gareth has left his job!!!

This is what went out in the recent work newsletter....

"Hello fabulous friends, we hope this edition of the Freshness letter finds you safely past the Ides of March and gearing up for a joyous Spring.

But before we dive in, we wanted to share some important news regarding the team here at ?What IF!. Our beautiful and talented friend Gareth Miles will be leaving ?What IF! to pursue a career as a naked trapeze artist with his fiancé Amy. While we are disappointed that we won't have Gareth around to play with every day, we are excited that he has found an opportunity to combine two of his biggest passions - adrenaline pumping circus acts and nudity. Gareth and Amy are leaving next week to join the West European league of the Cirque d'au Naturel in Paris so please reach out to send him some love and keep your eye out for "The Baron and Baroness of Bare, Gareth and Amy Miles, and the Adventures of their Flying Trapenis" coming to your town soon. "

As you are probably aware this is complete BS! At the end of the newsletter we revealed it was an April Fool's but some of our clients didn't read that far and have been sending in emails wishing me well in my new career! What must people think of me and Amy if they genuinely think that this is true. Ha ha ha!

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Steve said...

when you ARE ready to leave, give me a call. I have something that I think might be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY.