Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Bunny Poo


For those of you who have been reading the blog for a very long time you might remember that last year i organised a rabbit poo treasure hunt around the Lower East Side with three boxes of raisins.

We have decided to make this a tradition!

Last weekend we laid out a trail for Amy's niece Isabel.

At the end of the trail (which ran round the block at Amy's Mum's) Isabel found me sitting on a fence.

I told her that i had just met the Easter Bunny - or EB as he preferred to be called - and that he wanted her to do something special for him. He wanted her to make a balloon animal bunny. If she did then he might return to meet her in person.

Isabel's eyes lit up and we set about making a balloon bunny which was very very hard. The balloons were impossible to inflate so we just tied them together deflated.

I then told Isabel that EB was very shy so if she wanted to meet him she would have to wear a bunny mask so he thought she was a bunny. Check out the picture - it's not bad improvised mask using a pillow case and two elastic bands. It did look a bit KKK though.

With the masks on it was time for the Bunny to appear to talk to her on the terrace, which gave me an excuse to do an impersonation of the easter bunny, which ultimately sounded very much like Jimmy Stewart ;)

Isabel was completely enchanted by the whole experience. She screamed "I love you Easter Bunny," and then asked the bunny if he would like to come to her's for a sleepover - soooo cute!!!

Sadly i don't think she will be so gullible next year. Don't you hate it when kids grow up?

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