Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ash or grind?

Amy says...

Well our new home is great. It takes me exactly 6 minutes to get to work on foot, not like the asshole that is spending 7 hrs commuting!!!!! Sorry dude - that's just dumb ;)

Anyway...we live inbetween one of the best coffee houses in Manhattan and a funeral home.

Yesterday, I bought a thermos so that I can enjoy a cup of coffee during my 6 minute commute...I went to the back of the coffee shop and asked the guy behind the counter if he could wash out my thermos and fill it with coffee. He did it gladly and when I handed him two dollar bills he grabbed only one and gave me $0.40 BACK!!

$0.60 for a whole thermos full of coffee? WTF??? are they using the ash from next door?

There's gotta be something wrong with it...but nope, an amazing cup of coffee for $0,60 is on my block as long as you bring your own cup! Ha!

What a deal!

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