Saturday, June 20, 2009

We just signed a contract on an apartment!


We can't believe it!!! We have landed on our feet but are shattered by the whole experience. If you remember back in February we stopped paying off the debt but kept saving. Between then an now we managed to save just over $60,000 which is pretty much the remainder of the loan!!!!

We had managed to save enough money to pay of the entire debt in just over a year - we had done what we set out to do with Operation Night Brace. But rather than pay off the debt we decided to do something to bring some much needed stability to our lives and that something was buying an apartment.

We have so much to tell but for now we are exhausted and curled up in bed watching bad movies - it's 3pm on Saturday here in NYC.


Steve said...

fantastic... can I be your first visitor, I promise to bring coal (or is that new year?) - anyway fabulous news, hope you locked down the rate at these 'historic lows' and congratulations... we'll take you weird ornament shopping when you get here

Gareth & Amy said...

You are always welcome Steve!!!

Jorien said...

WOW! Super!