Friday, November 7, 2008



When we got of the public bus in Manuel Antonio ($4) in Costa Rica, Gareth sent me off on a mission to find us a place to stay. I grabbed the guide book and off I went. I went about a mile up hill and stopped into every hotel, hostel & bungalow along the way.

I walked back down hill through the back alley and continued to stop into every and any place available. Near the National Park was a small but cute place. The door was open and I walked in. The normal price was $115 a night for a king bed, a hammock, hot water, and a pool ;)

And so my haggle began. I got them down to $50 a NIGHT! Woo hoo... including breakfast!!

After our fantastic stay there for 5 nights we tallied up the bill, and 'the guy at the desk', now known to us as Jonathan, decided to only charge us $40 a night because we were so much fun and help at bowling night ;)

After a week in paradise we ended up spending about $20 a day each and felt like kings.

We are very lucky.

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Holly said...

Hi Gareth and Amy! Hope you had a great trip. I'm just wondering if you'd fancy being my next Five Frugal Minutes Interview on Monday morning? If the answer is hell yes (fingers crossed!) then drop me a quick email at and I'll fire the questions across to you!