Thursday, November 27, 2008

Doom and gloom


Our London office laid of 20 people last week. It has been a black and depressing day. Lots of people I worked with back in the UK are now going to have to find new jobs. The stress of bills to pay, a nose diving economy and a tough job market. My thoughts are with them.

We’ve been told that we are OK (for the moment) in NYC but life is pretty stressful especially for all the people who are on work visas like me.

If I get laid off what will happen to me? It might be that I have to leave the country which is not a pleasant thought.

“Hello Mum, Hello Dad – remember me? I’m moving back in!”

At least I know I can survive on very little money. I reckon I could make a redundancy package last a whole year. ONB does come with some benefits.

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