Monday, November 17, 2008

“I might look 31 but I’m actually a child with a facial hair problem”


We were a bit naughty two weekends ago.

Amy desperately wanted to see the new Charlie Kaufman film.

So she brought tickets online and said we were children so we got seats for $6.75 rather than $10.20.

She didn’t tell me what she had done until we got to the cinema. I started crapping my pants – ohhhh the embarrassment of being caught and shamed in public. Amy didn’t seem to care though – she was all ready to blame computer error.

We collected the tickets from the machine. Smiled nicely at the guy collecting tickets. And walked straight in. Result!!! Shame the film was a bit rubbish ☹ Great start, self indulgent and long winded ending.

We spent the money we saved on going for a drink afterwards. Ahhh the good old days drinking in a bar rather than drinking cheap wine at home on our inflatable matress.

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