Saturday, October 25, 2008

April fools!


Amy has done some more sums - there are a lot of sums in ONB - and she told me that if we stayed until April we will have paid off the entire $180,000 debt.

My heart sunk. That is such a long way off. Have i got to strength to go the distance - it is a bit like entering into a half marathon and then finding out you actually have to run a full one.

Reasons to stay until April...

1. We will be 100% debt free
2. The housing market may have bottomed out so we can swoop in and start the next phase of our lives together
3. The Upper West Side is rather quite nice and safe - it is growing on me

Reasons not to stay until April...

1. We might go completely mental
2. We might be crippled for life from spending a year on an air bed
3. Amy's mum might not want us to stay another 4 moths, we've already extended it by 2

I think we should take it month by month in 2009 and see how it goes.

We are already a lot better off than we were. A little debt is easier to carry than a lot.

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