Saturday, October 25, 2008



Yep I did it. I worked out the sums and realized that if Gareth and I stay at my moms and extend ONB until April - one year exactly from when we started - we will have paid off all of the loans in their entirety.

Opps is right I think I sent Gareth into a tail spin once it popped out of my mouth,

I just thought, fuck how the hell are we going to pay off the final $39,000 once we've moved out and on?

Upside is - starting completely from scratch in April - 4 months from when we decided to crash out would save us potentially 2 years of giving away bonuses and tax returns etc.

Down side is - we might kill each other, get some spinal disease, or just completely snap if we don't move out in January!

I think we'll take it day by day, month by month and see what happens.

(Shhhh...Gareth turned purple when I proposed this to him..Opps)

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