Thursday, October 30, 2008

"With love from Gareth & Amy"


When you don't have much cash you can't dazzle people with expensive birthday presents. You can however dazzle them with thoughtful presents. Here's what we managed to put together for her niece who was 6 this month...

A certificate for a day 'Bug hunting with Gareth and Amy in Central Park'
Cost to Amy and Gareth - Free except from the food we will buy for an autumnal picnic

A magnifying glass for looking a bugs
Cost to Amy and Gareth - $7.99 we funked it up with a special 'Isabell' sticker on it

A bug spotting notebook for drawing what we find
Cost to Amy and Gareth - free, we are recycling a gift and again funked it up with a special sticker

A crazy bug construction kit
Cost to Amy and Gareth - free, left over from a project in May with Hasbro

She was over-the-moon with the present!!! It is going to be a fun day bug hunting!

For Amy's younger sister Susan we created a 'Grow your brain (not your ass)' kit - amy added the 'not your ass' bit to the title! We filled 5 test tubes in a test tube rack with little gift certificates. It looked brilliant.

Thoughtfulnss makes the difference between a good present and a great one and the best thing of all is 'thoughtfulness' is free!!!

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