Sunday, October 5, 2008



Milestones are great things to have in a project especially one that seems never ending.

Here are the official milestones of Operation Night Brace…

Paid off the entire Private Loan – Done
Brought the debt under $100k – Done
Paid off half the original debt ($90k) – Soon
Brought the loan down to the original Public Loan sans interest ($86k) – Soonish
Got a zero in our balance – Long way off

Watch this space xx

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craftyphil said...

G you're mental but a "creative" genius, i've read your and amy's blog and feel i need to contribute, but unfortunately for the both of you the only way i know how to make money is through (or thru for the americans) comedy.... but i cannot find my flashing red nose anywhere, so how will anyone know I'm being funny? This may sound daft, but if you guys could invest in me being funny, by transferring $10,000 to my Nigerian bank account there may be hope.


phil (the one with the muddy shoes from heresy)