Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our new favorite meal


It has been ages since I posted a recipe so I thought I’d share this one that Amy and I have bee enjoying as the nights get colder.

Chirizo Bean Stew (can be made for about $15 and will last two people, two days)

Gently fry…
One pack of chirozos chopped up into pieces ($5.50)
One onion (stolen from Amy’s mum)
One green pepper (much cheaper than red, orange or yellow for some reason)

Stir in…
One tin of chopped tomatoes ($1.80)
One tin of black beans ($0.95)
One tin of other beans – whatever is cheapest
One sweet potato chopped into chunks
A sprinkling of chilli flakes

If you have some…
Add wine

If you don’t…
Add water

Cook until all the bits are soft. Serve with bread and enjoy.

This meal gets better over time so it makes a great packed lunch the next day.

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