Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acupuncture vs. Therapy


I've started seeing an acupuncturist. Apparently, if they stick needles in your ears it will help you quit smoking.

So far I've had 6 needles in my ears and for one session she attatched the needles to an electric charge!!! She stuck needles in my forehead, my toes, my shins, my arms!

When she attatched my needles to an electric charge I screamed 'that hurts' to which she responded, 'No pain. No gain'

Ok ok, it's $60 a session and Ivd had 3 sesdions so far I've slept better then ever! My headaches have calmed down AND my insurance covers it all!!

Basically I can't believe I didn't try this stuff sooner!

I have been through 4 years of therapy at $60 a session and I feel no different!

Acupuncture = free + effective
Therapy = $$ + not effective

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getting stuff done said...

you need to read Allan Carr's Stop Smoking book. it works.