Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phone Bills


Well before the world decided to melt down finacially, my company was paying for 50% of my cell phone bill.

I use my cell all the time for work! To check emails, texts, to view work when I'm traveling...etc.

Anyway, they have told mr that they are no longer going to pay for it.

Sticky wicket!

Well, then I shouldn't use it for work...that's judy not fair! It's not a ton of money a month but every little bit helps!!

Hmmmm... what should I do?


Steve said...

Hand the phone back to them.
Or just don't carry it to work.

Business calls are a business expense - not one that should be passed on to employees.

How about offering to itemize the bill and have them pay for the calls to business numbers?

But me? Well I'd just not use the phone for work anymore - tell them you got rid of it and see how long they hold out (I did that for 2 years before they gave up and got me a B.Berry)

ian said...

Start making collect call to work, stop sending text messages, but write them on post-it notes and put them in an envelope and post them. They'll soon change their minds.