Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lasagne – Our new best friend


Lasagne has become our new best friend.

It is so cheap to make mainly because the owner of our sublet said to help ourselves to ‘anything in the cupboards’ and it turns out she has enough lasagne sheets to roof a brownstone!

We have experimented with a load of different fillings. Currently in the fridge we have one that is eggplant-tastic and probably involved us spending $5 on ingredients. Not bad for 4 servings.

Here’s how to make a basic cheese sauce…

Melt some butter – a quarter of a stick should be fine.

Pour in some flour and stir over a gentle heat until you get a paste.

Slowly pour in some milk and stir like crazy.

Keep adding milk until you get a consistency that you like the look of.

Stir in a handful of grated cheese – you can add more but you will need to keep some for sprinkling over the top of your lasagne.

Season to taste.

It’s simple and much better than buying it in a jar.

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getting stuff done said...

we are addicted to this version of lasagne. very very good and very very quick