Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fuck you American Tax System


I choose to get taxed heavily throughout the year to ensure I don’t end up owing the government anything.

Last year I got a nice stack of cash back as a tax refund.

This year I went to my accountant and he said I could expect to receive roughly the same amount.

A week after my appointment, my accountant phoned me to tell me the law had changed regarding foreigners and that I actually owed the government $400 because of the money I got back last year - What???? That’s fucked up!!! Taxing me on a tax refund. Why doesn’t the government come round and eat the food out my fridge and sleep with Amy?


I was expecting $10,000

I’m now out of pocket $800 when you take into account the accountants fee.


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Steve said...

I understand the fury but worry that the whole goal thing is skewing your perspective...

You're furious because the government took the correct amount of tax from you this year, meaning that you don't qualify for a refund.

Or rather you're furious because you didn't get money that you weren't owed.

Now while I understand how frustrating it can be to be expecting something and then have that hope dashed it's also pretty small given the amount of people that I see around me here who are terrified of losing jobs that won't pay them $10,000 this quarter.

I'm not a fan of always comparing to somebody worse off (logically it leads you to being the 2nd worst in everything) but given that the country is on the verge of total collapse, the jobless figures are above 5m, tens of millions don't have healthcare, 20%of kids in my state go to bed without an evening meal at least once a week and people are retiring to a life of catfood after a lifetime of saving it's pretty minor.

I admire what you're doing. But you are in a position that many would kill to have their children be in. You've already paid off more than three times the average Household annual income (that's with everyone working) in a year; you've vacationed while doing it, you're travelling, you have your own place, you're both working, you have prospects in a world that looks hopeless.

Didn't mean for this to be a rant - and I've been in the "What do you mean I get nothing back?" position myself; but you've got to make sure that focus doesn't stray into victimhood. You're young, you're rich (by most standards) and you're choosing to do something admirable... hold on to how lucky you are to have an option beyond another lottery ticket