Monday, February 23, 2009

A dotty way to make a living


My friend Nick told be about a new part-time job he has. He gets $10 an hour to be a model for an acupuncture college – OUCH! I would not want amateurs stabbing me with 6 inch needles.

But it turns out no needles are used. Instead it is all done with sticky dots. Prior to the class, the tutor marks his body with a UV pen – highlighting all the key areas. The students then have to place a sticker on each of the UV dots. To see how well they have done the teacher shines a black light onto Nick’s body. If they are within a centimetre or two they pass.

For an afternoon of standing around in his pants he gets about $60. Unfortunately they don’t need models at the weekends so I won’t be able to offer them my modelling talents.

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