Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How far will it stretch???

Amy says...

(No not my butt hole after having Salmanilla ;) Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

The cashola!!!

10 days of antibiotics and I'm back on my feet!

So Gareth and I had the weekend we really wanted to have way back when, Jan 15....

We went for a stroll in our new neighborhood $0.00

We ate brunch, a block away from the best restaurant in Prospect Park (doh :) $20.00

We walked further still into the hood $0.00

We bought movie theater pop corn bags for free stay at home movies $3.99

Gareth and I hung out and worked in the studio $0.00

We went shopping $40.00

We cooked a feast! Packed lunch and dinner for a whole week!

$63.99 total for 2 people, for 3 days of entertainment and 1 weeks worth of healthy delicious food!!!

Not bad!

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