Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you want dog shit with that?


Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the US so Amy and her sister volunteered to cook their mum her favourite meal – clams and spaghetti, followed by roast leg of lamb with artichokes and roast potatoes, finished off by chocolate cake. Yummy!

The food was ordered and the meal was cooked perfectly!

One of the funniest moments (but also the most disgusting) happened while we were eating the lamb.

I’m not the greatest carver so I was making a bit of a mess. Amy’s mum saw a piece of lamb on the floor and picked it and put into next to the plate of lamb I’d carved (thankfully not on the plate as you will soon see).

While we were cleaning up afterwards I had a closer look at the dropped piece of lamb – it turned out that was no piece of lamb!!!!!! It was a rather hard piece of dog poo courtesy of either Teddy of Kiki – we’ll never know which ☺. It is amazing how similar a tasty little bit of roast lamb looks like a piece of shit.

Oh my god – that was a close one!

Someone could have been given that to eat.

We cried and cried with laughter.

Amy’s mum is still convinced it was a piece of lamb – I bet her $30 to eat it.

Needless to say – she threw it in the bin.

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