Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving day


Amy and I are both sick.

It's as though our bodies knew today was moving day and have gone on strike.

The flat is awash with scrunched up toilet paper. Amy is asleeep next to me with toilet paper shoved up her nose!!! It looks very funny and i am half tempted to take a picture and share it with you but i think she'd kill me.

Our clothes are all bagged up in trash bags. Or books and pots and pans are loaded up into cardboard boxes.

We're ready to leave. In fact we have been ready to leave this place since the first week.

It feels like we are coming up for air :)

The next place is a fifth floor walk up so i just hope their is enough oxygen up there. I'm not looking forward to carrying all the stuff up the stairs. Ohhhh i can feel a bad back coming on and Amy is too sick to be my Florence Nightingale.


It feels like every-time we move I get incredibly ill - when we moved to Prospect Park, I had a horrible cold, then I caught salmonella - which had me in bed for almost 2 whole weeks. Then when we moved to the East Village and we've been cold sick and miserable ever since. Now we're moving to Bleeker street and Gareth and I both have the flu it seems.

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