Friday, May 22, 2009

A (free) night out


Last night was a good night. It felt like the type of night we should be having more of in NYC rather than sitting at home in a cold miserable flat watching Hulu over a crap internet connection.

Here's what happened...

Amy's sister's boyfriend works in PR and has got lots of connections in the artworld so we decided to tag along with them for the evening.

First stop...

Gallery opening in Chelsea
This is my first gallery opening i have ever been to in NYC. The people who had drifted out of the woodwork with the promise of free alcohol were sadly more interesting than the work we had all gathered to see but at least the wine was white and not too warm.

Second stop...

Bubble and Bubble University (yep the hairdressers!!!)
Having checked our names off at the door we climbed into a lift the size of one of our meeting rooms at work and went up to the on of the top floors of a rather mysterious building. The lift opened into a big loft space filled with people getting drunk and enjoying free food from the event's sponsor - Wholefoods YUMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY! The night had a few highlights - my favorite was the weird fashion show with people wearing outrageous costumes such as...

The Firing Clown - A dude in a suit with a weird clown mask made out of office equipment (post-it note skin, calculator ears, sellotape eyes, a pointy hat made out of pens). He ran round with a briefcase and when he opened it we saw it had a birthday cake in it that said: "Your fired" on it written in frosting.

The hairy woman - A rather large woman who wore nothing but a bikini made out of long dark hair which flailed out when she spun round

It was all very odd but odd in a good way.

It ended early but that was probably a good thing.

I cycled home and Amy went off to another party.

I was exhausted from work and full of meatballs, chips and dips and beer.

Thank you New York. We had a great evening.

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getting stuff done said...

you know someone in PR and you are NOT milking the party circuit? in NYC!?! free booze, free food..... fun nights out.... find more!

I once shared a flat with an event organiser. I didn't pay for a night out for about 2 years. marvellous.