Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Our life is always a bit mixed up.

BAD STUFF: We are staying somewhere we hate. A sign went up in our lobby from the police saying the building is under 24 hour surveillance because of drug trafficking. Blimey!!!! Thank goodness we move out on Sunday to Dave's.

GOOD STUFF: We have just found somewhere we love and we have made an offer on it. It's so close to being ours i can almost taste it.

BAD STUFF: Sadly we aren't the only people who want this flat. It had 8 offers!!!!!! We made it through the first round and are down to the final three for a 'best and final' showdown. We find out tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed.

GOOD STUFF: If we get it it will be like the fairy tale ending to Operation Night Brace and over a year of extreme saving!!! But fear not it won't really be the end we still have $60k to pay off though so it isn't the end end, just the start of a different phase - a nice relaxing, comfortable phase where saving takes second place to living.

AMYS SAYS........

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