Monday, May 25, 2009

What the fuck is going on?


The weirdness continues with our sublet in the East Village but fear not we only have to survive until next week and then we are out of here (and out $500 in the process - arghhhhhh).

Here is a list of the weirdness (and it is growing everyday)...

It turns out the woman we are renting from hasn't paid any rent for 4 months and owes the landlord over $8000.
This is surprising because we paid her in cash to stay here for 2 months.
In turns out the rent is $1700 and she is charging us $1875
This is effectively $175 for bills of which the internet doesn't work and you can't really use the electricity because the circuit trips - so thats $175 for bugger all.

And that's not all...

Even though it is early summer the flat is freezing and infested with ants.
We have weird people ringing the buzzer at odd times (i'm guessing it's the landlord after his rent).
And the shower is going to kill us the first time we turned it on the head fired off into our faces and we got pounded by water that is either too hot or too cold

We have effectively paid up until the 15th but we want out on the 1st. We are trying to get our last weeks money back but i'm pretty certain we can kiss that goodbye.

It seems like everywhere we have lived this year people have tried to shaft us :(

Hopefully the next place will work out. It is for 3 months and we're going to be subletting from a friend from work rather than a weirdo from craigslist. What could possible go wrong? Watch this space and find out...

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