Thursday, May 28, 2009

No fairy tale ending :(


"Hi guys,

Please don't shoot the messenger...

We didn't get the apt.

The other offers were considerably higher than ours. .

I'm so sorry. It looks like we'll be drowning our sorrows in beer tomorrow. :(

But after tomorrow, let's get right back on the horse. The good news is that there ARE other apts on the market that will work for you. I know it may sound trite, but we are one step closer to finding you a home. I would even dare say that each of your selections has been progressively better than the one before. I'm confident we'll find you an apt that is superior to all the rest so far.

Hang in there and try not to get discouraged. This is a huge learning process and you're learning very quickly. You're also getting very clear about what you want. But maybe the biggest part is developing a thick emotional skin and bouncing back quickly from setbacks. You're definitely more resilient than at the outset.

So keep your chins up and prepare your bellies for lots of beer.

I'll check my searches again and email you listings tomorrow.


Needless to say we are both gutted :(

But fear not we have a nice place to go home to tonight - oh on seconds thoughts - we hate it there :(



Susanne said...

BAH! well screw them! who cares, in the end you two will end up in a fantastic apartment and this one will be gutted. I promise I'm right! haha.

You'll find the perfect place. this wasn't it.

getting stuff done said...

this may sound really - um - new age - but I do find wishing for things, specifically - works. write the list of what your perfect appartment would be. ie, 2 bedrooms, central heating that works, bath + shower, in the east village, nicely decorated, cheaper than the one we have now, or whatever it is that you want. It has ALWAYS worked for me. generally you dont get 100% but you get pretty near what it is you are looking for. We are now in a 3 bedroom freehold house, with gas CH, constant hot water, a west facing garden, within walking distance of a corner shop, a nice pub, a park, and the train station, it has a bath and a shower, is OK decorated but could do with some improvement (I really did want that - I am asking myself why now, but hey) xxx M and PS you will find a better place.

Gareth & Amy said...

Thank you soooooooo much for your kind words :) It warms our cockles :)

Steve said...

you'll get there,,, and have toasty cockles,,,, in no time