Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Socks??


Gareth and I have no socks left, no pairs at all!!!

Today I went to a radiology clinic (I'm fine, just checking some things out) In the changing area they had a bag of socks you can wear temporarily so your feet don't get cold waiting in a flimsy robe for your exam.

Comfor-Treds Non-Skid Shower Slippers - ideal for patients/residents at increased risk for falls in the shower ;) Retail value (only for doctors) is $18.95 per box!!

Yes, I grabbed a bunch ;) They're like airplane socks, thin and uncomfortable, but they will work for now!!!

G gets 4 pairs and I get 4 pairs!!

Woo hoo no slippin' and slidin' for us ;)

(Did feel like an ass leaving the changing area though - doh!)

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