Saturday, January 3, 2009



We had made absolutely no plans for New Years Eve, Gareth and I were super jet-lagged and didn't want to spend any money on, what is always a very expensive night!!!

So we headed to my sisters for some Berliner Faufinkuten (a German Jelly doughnut, a Globus family tradition) and Champaign at my sisters apartment.

Gareth and I thought we could possibly take the train to Coney Island for midnight after my sisters, or go downtown and meet my friends Michael and Bill for a toast.

But instead we ended up staying at my sisters and hung out with my niece, Isabel, AKA Stinky. Isabel and I put on a dance performance for everyone and we pigged out on the spread my sister and her husband, Phil put together, Fra Grois, Caviar, all kinds of different cheese from around the world, fruit etc.

Gareth and I brought the fruit...costing us a total of $24.00. It ended up being a really easy, warm, and fun night!!

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