Friday, January 2, 2009

Penny arcades


While back in the UK for Xmas we went to Southwold, a beautiful english seaside town. We went for a walk along the pier and ended up in the penny arcade.

The 2p cascade games brought back loads of memories from my childhood - they are so much fun and we could easily spend all day in them.

Whilst we were standing there looking at the machines a miracle happened!

12p fell from one of the machines that no-one was playing at. With lightening fast reflexes I scooped them up and Amy and I began to play. We lucked out again and won a whole handful of 2ps - too many to count. Someone was definitely looking out for us. We played for about 30 minutes for FREE - all because of that 12p!

We lost everything in the end put we had loads of fun.

"Oh we do like to be besides the seaside!!!!!"


getting stuff done said...

I grew up having holidays in southwold! My parents now have a holiday house there - and a beach hut. Love it. x glad you had some magic happen.

thepianoplayersdaughter said...

i have just started a blog on southwold I love it so much. I have added a web site with vids of the new arcade games. Funniest thing in ages.