Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Ok ok my New Years Resolutions:

I will not smoke cigarettes in 2009

I will pay off all of my student Debt in 2009

I will get a life changing raise based on my work performance in 2009

I will complete an entire shows worth of art in 2009

Gareth's request of Amy in 2009:

Control mood swings (this translates to never get mad at Gareth)

Be more lady like (this translates to don't fart on Gareth)



My New Years resolutions:

Write, write, write as many children's poems and stories as i possibly can

Make Amy feel supported with work

Make Amy feel supported with her art

Have loads of holidays

Amy's request of Gareth in 2009:

Give her whatever she wants


getting stuff done said...

amy - get the allan carr stop smoking book and read it - and be SMOKE FREE - rather than stop smoking.. it makes sense

SKINNY said...

I have it!!!

And I just downloaded "Glen Harold's Ultimate Guide to Quitting Smoking Forever" - It's meditation...sooo dumb but anything to help ;)

I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN!!! Arge - just wish it didn't make me depressed... :(