Sunday, January 4, 2009



My whole family decided to do only one gift this year, one gift for one person that cost no more then $20!!

So I got my brother Andy. I asked him what he'd like and her said a 100 stack of blank DVD's. So I looked on Amazon and the y were $39.99, I went to Circuit City and they were over $50! Oh no what was I going to do???

So I rummaged through my studio and found all the blank DVD's I could..put them in an old spool and wrapped it up in newspaper.

The day after Christmas my sister Jen called me and said Andy was really pissed off!
What could he possibly be upset about??

Ok ok!!

maybe they weren't all new

maybe they weren't all blank

maybe it didn't have a spindle cover

But it was the thought that counts, right??? ;)

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