Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodbye small room, goodbye inflatable bed


Next Saturday we move in to our new (but temporary) apartment in Brooklyn.

We are both very excited but also a little bit scared.

There have been sometimes that i couldn't wait to escape our tiny 'prison' but in a funny kind of way i think i am going to miss it. It has felt like we have been living in a bit of a bubble away from everything and everyone. Next Saturday sees us take a step back into the real world and we are both a bit apprehensive.

It is going to be great to finally get some privacy and sleep on a normal bed but i think we are both a little bit worried about being lonely. Being alone isn't something we have had to experience in the last 8 months. Amy's Mum's place is always busy - there is always someone to talk to or do nothing with but when it is just us who knows how we will cope. Amy is worried about the amount of time i spend away with work and I'm a worried about the late nights she will be doing in her studio.

I think it is a good sign that we are able to talk about our fears as well as our hopes - it will serve us well in the future.


ian said...

we want pcitures

ian said...

Sorry, I mean pictures.