Sunday, March 22, 2009

£5 a day


Last night we watched a show on Hulu called AMAZING ADVENTURES OF A NOBODY. The blurb below explains it all..

"Amazing Adventures of a Nobody is a documentary/factual entertainment TV series that follows Leon Logothetis, the presenter, on his travels around the U.K. on just 5 pounds a day. The 5 pounds have to cover food, accommodation and travel; the 5 pounds reflecting the average hourly wage, according to the Department of Trade and Industry in the U.K.. Leon had certain cities he had to pass through and was only ever allowed to stay for 24 hours in each city. The 5 pounds could not roll over and had to be spent, with each morning being presented a new five pound note for each new day. The public could buy him things and he could work for goods, but was never allowed to be given money directly"

Perhaps Amy and I could do a couples version. Now that would be fun!

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