Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fears and Tears


It seems as though both Gareth and I have been working ourselves to death over the past 6 months.

My company officially launched last July and we are very doing well, but I have taken on the following roles:

Creative Director
New Business Director
Art Director
Film Editor
Film Director
Head Hunter
Talent Management
Human Resources
Account Manager
Financial Advisor
Mama + Papa


So I had a 'mini' breakdown and met with my boss...I told him that I was totally overwhelmed and that if I was going to continue to work 14-20 hours a day I need to be compensated. I was terrified, especially since I am lucky to even HAVE a job, but I was at my breaking point... so I went for it!

ANYWAY I GOT A RAISE AND A BONUS - unfortunately, it's contingent upon a client signing a retainer agreement for 2009... but it could be the answer to out debt problems!! Watch this space!!!

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