Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new poem



No-one knows how it happened. It just did.
A child was born with a balloon for a head.

No nose, no mouth, no eyes not even an ear
Her face was no more than an inflatable sphere

No hair, no flesh, just bright shiny rubber
A child so odd only her parents could love her

The doctors had gathered at the news of the birth
For as far as they knew this was a medical first

Her head was quite empty, zip, zilch, not a thing
Ear to ear air where her brain should have been

Now your career path is limited with a head filled with air
So her parents sold her off to a travelling fair

Folks came in their hundreds to see the never seen
The child with a balloon where her head should have been

It was the most marvellous thing they all did admit
But looking wasn’t enough they wanted to touch it!

With prods and pokes the folks jabbed at her head
went the balloon and girl dropped down dead.

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