Monday, March 9, 2009

Three weeks away


I’m in the middle of a three week work trip. It is all a bit bonkers. I have managed to escape the cold of New York and visit some rather hot places like Mexico, Panama and Brazil. All the work I’m doing is in Spanish. The one big problem is that I don’t speak Spanish!!!!! I’m trying to learn but I’m having to get people to interpret for me. It is like watching one of those foreign movies where you have to desperately stop yourself from falling asleep!

Despite the lovely sunshine and warmth it is hard being away from home for so long. I miss Amy. I looked into getting her a flight down to Sao Paulo for a weekend but the cheapest I could find was $900 which is certainly not in our $20 a day allowance. Thank God for Skype. It allows us to talk for hours for free.

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