Thursday, March 19, 2009

Selling sunglasses


When my parents were young and i was about 1 foot tall money was pretty tight.

My dad had to supplement his work as a teacher to pay the mortgage. He'd get up early at the weekends and go off and sell sunglasses at various markets. Somedays he ended up making more selling sunglasses than he did working for 5 days as a teacher!

I think the story of selling the sunglasses at the weekend have helped inspire me to do ONB. We are almost a year into it. The loans are now a third of what they used to be. We have built up a little bit of a nest egg in case anything happens to us with the wobbly economy. Time flies when you are spending bugger all.

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Holly said...

Tell me about it! I can't believe how much I've saved just by stopping shopping. We are winners!