Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Ever feel like you have been had?"


So the new flat hunting has picked up quite a bit of speed we have realised that we have been had at our current place. We are currently paying $2000 for a one bed place in Brooklyn. It is small and not very nice. We've just been looking around and found some nice one beds ON MANHATTAN for $1800. They are closer to work and cheaper.

We should have done a bit more research before jumping on the first thing that came along back in January. Ahhhhh a valuable life lesson has been learnt. I think we were so keen to get out of Amy's Mum's we jumped on anything.

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beth said...

weeeel I don't know if you've been had. I live in the bay area and rents seem to be dropping by the month. but now you know you can do better, I bet you're glad you don't have a year's lease!