Monday, March 30, 2009

Silver Sneakers


I am the proud owner of some new rather fancy sneakers - probably a little bit too fancy for Gareth!!! I'm more of a battered sneakers kind of guy. I wear them until they stink. Talking of stinking sneakers - this guy just won loads of money for having the smelliest trainers in the world.

But enough about his footwear - let's get back to mine.

"My Gareth those are fancy - they must have cost lots of money!"

Over $200 to be exact(ish)!

"Whattttttt you supposed to be saving!!"

But i didn't pay anything for them.

"Sweet - how did you swing that?"

They are unwanted leftovers from a shoot that Amy was working on.

Thankfully the actor had the same size feet as me. Result.

The only down side of the footwear is the people who are pointing and laughing at them. They are a bit space age as you can see from the picture.

PS I impressed myself with my flexibility taking that picture. I think i strained a muscle.

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