Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Gareth emailed me this morning freaking out saying he was 'overdrawn" from his bank account! He had absolutely no idea how this happened!! He apologized profusely saying 'he must have fucked up somewhere!" So I double check with the loan company and turns out I had clicked one to many times on the 'Submit Payment' button and they withdrew from his account twice!!! ARGGGGG!!!!!!

You pay and pay and pay when you are overdrawn!!! It sucks royally!! Thank god my bonus is coming in so we can take care of it quickly!!!

We both always double check every account - it must have been my excitement because we're down to the wire!! Soon we'll owe just over $60,000 which is beans compared to the original $184,000!!!!

I admire Amy's desire to pay it off as quick as we can but perhaps taking double from my account isn't the best way to do it - i still love you though boo xx

Woke up on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) to find the second lot of cash had been refunded and there was no sign on a banking fine in sight. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas.

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