Friday, December 26, 2008

When will you learn Gareth?


For Xmas Amy wanted "a nice plain locket with something special engraved on it."

So i got her a nice locket and took it to the engravers.

When he asked me what i wanted engraved on it i said "Something special."

"Like what?" he said

"Like something special - i want the words something and special engraved on it. That is what my fiancee said she wanted - "something special" engraved on a locket."

Everyone in the shop started laughing.

I liked the way the message worked on two levels...

1) Serious - Amy is something special to me
2) Silly - I did exactly what i was told to do

Unfortunately Amy had to go and collect the locket herself because they couldn't get it sorted in time before i flew back to the UK.

When the woman in the shop showed her she was far from happy and because it was late in the UK i wasn't able to explain it to her. She only could see reason 2 and just thought i was taking the piss and got upset and we all know xmas presents shouldn't be upsetting.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm having flashbacks to the DIY engagement ring. Will i never learn?

It took 45 minutes on Skype the next day to help make Amy feel okay about it.

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