Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Escape Plan


We are moving out!!!!

On January 15th we are moving into a one bedroom sublet in Brooklyn, right next to the beautiful prospect park.

Privacy at last! We have been going out now for 13 months and we have spent more than half of that time with her mum, her sister, her mum's dog and a bedroom door that likes to open by itself! Arghhhh. Finally i can go back to watching telly in the nude!!!!

To help us make up our mind about the move we did a list of pros and cons...


It is only for 3 months
It is fully furnished
She seemed lovely
It is near the subway
It seems quiet
It has everything we need (bike storage, laundry room)
We only have one bill to worry about so it is easy to budget for.
It's a good base for exploring Brooklyn and our future options
There are 3 pretty good supermarkets nearby.


It is $2000
It is small
It feels like a step backwards - It's something I would have lived in at college as a 21 not a 31 year old
It is not near many nice restaurants or bars

We pay Amy's mum $500 a month at the moment so the luxury of having or own place is an extra $1500 per month - $4500 in total. And we just had a bit of good news - AMy has got some freelancing work that will help pay of quite a lot of that so we can still save, save, save!

Ahhhhh Home Sweet Home.

We only have another 6ish weeks to survive in the Upper West Side.


momo said...

i am impressed you managed to get past the $100 grand mark. shows what can be done if you are committed!

Gareth & Amy said...

Aww shucks!! :)