Wednesday, December 10, 2008



This is an email I sent out to my family today ;) (Stinky is my niece)

So it’s that time of year again and we are all strapped for cash!!!

So here is what I propose...

Price: $20 MAX

Any gift that you buy canNOT cost more then $20...if it does, you have to return it!! It must be thoughtful so we all still feel loved :) That being said, you can offer to do a chore for someone, or make’s completely up to you as long as it’s NOT over $20!!

One family member to a gift: here’s the list I propose – it’s not etched in stone, we can swap too! But only one gift per person!

Amy takes Susan
Jen takes Mom
Susan takes Jen
Mom takes Gareth
Phil takes Amy
Gareth takes Phil

Wrapping: Apart from Stinky...wrapping paper costs way too much as it is...USE the Sunday Times...if we all do it no one will look cheap, and you can pick an interesting story to wrap it all up in as a bonus!

Lastly, your gift can also be a contribution to the family feast we will have, whether it’s a bottle of wine, ingredients, flowers...

Everyone gets Stinky something...

I know I know ....The Gareth monster is about to pop out of my flesh ;)

But I think this will calm our nerves about spending loads of cash over the holidays.


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getting stuff done said...

I love the gifts ideas. I usually make my own wrapping paper out of newspaper - although I usually paint it and that costs money. But I love wrapping up presents in a really creative way.

anyhow. best of luck. I like the cut of your jib