Friday, September 5, 2008

The Amy Globus Fanclub Sings!


After only knowing Amy for 4 days i brought her a tciket to England to come and spend Xmas with my family.

During the trip it was funny seeing our xmas traditions through a strangers eyes. Things i thought were once normal all appeared a bit odd - my sister bashing us on the head with a star on a stick and telling us to make a wish, the concept of a day dedicated to boxes on the 26th and the British public's love with Aled Jones.

Every shop we went into was playing "Walking In The Air" that classic Xmas song. I had assumed it was a worldwide hit with people swaying along to it all over the world. I was wrong. I don't think it even made it across the Channel let alone the Atlantic. Amy had never heard of it before so as soon as she left i convinced everyone in my family to make this video! Enjoy.

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