Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big plans


When you are trying hard not to spend money you end up with a lot of time on your hands - time that you would usually spend in bars, at concerts, shopping.

We are making the most of all this free time and have compiled a list of things we want to achieve alone and together by the end of 2008.

Here it is…


Finish a first draft of my book “The Obnoxious King” and recorded a chapter of it as a radio play

Cycled and swam as much as I can

Hit 200lbs

Written up 5 money making ideas into one page proposals

Made something

Written 20 minutes of stand-up material


Finish her latest video installation

Built 3 new sculptures

Come up with an idea for a documentary that can be made in 2009

Become a patch-free non-smoker

Started some sort of stress relieving exercise

Come up with a new video concept to work on after ‘The Dead’


Finished our book on street signs – it’s looking pretty dope at the moment

Planned a great (but cheap) trip to Costa Rica on the back of my work trip there

Written at least one kids book together – the hero is a little girl called Abby Normal and is based on Amy

Designed some t-shirts and our imaginary band logo.

Got ONB down to $60,000 – with Amy’s bonus and our tax back money this will drop to a rather tiny $30,000 at the start of next year

Found somewhere to live for our post ONB life

Looks like we have a busy 4 months ahead of us. Bring it on.

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