Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Yesterday I found myself walking into Sleepy's. My back was incredibly sore. I've been on a couch for 5 months and then on an air mattress for 5 months - I walked in and priced out a double bed with a pillow top. I sat on the bed and the sales woman said, "Go ahead, put your feet up." I looked at her with a crooked smile and hoisted my feet up on the bed. Oh my god it was so comfortable! My back sank in and I asked the woman, "Do you think sleeping on an air mattress for 5 months can hurt your back?"

She replied with a look of pity, "I can give you a deal on this full, I'll take off $50!"

"Ok, but I have to talk it over with my fiance."

I walked out in a hazy daze, day dreaming of the moment we would again lie down together on a real bed.

Maybe during ONB I can just take power naps at Sleepy's, after all their slogan is "We take good care of you" ;)


Vegas 2008 said...

You should offer to be their bed tester! Surely these people exist??

SKINNY said...

ha ha! Do you think they'd pay?

Vegas 2008 said...

Well they should do. It is a service after all!