Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Love is...


... letting someone have all your bank account information so they can take the money straight from your account as soon as it is paid in.


Yep, I set Gareth up on electronic payment - eeek - it's just sooo much easier then running to the bank all the time :)

I think it freaked him out a little, but DON'T worry I'm trustworthy, kinda ;)


Tom S said...


I stumbled upon your blog while e-stalking you. I just knew you'd leave an electronic footprint on the WWW the size of Mel Dentith's rack!

PNB looks like a serious undertaking, the kind of thing you can make millions from by chronicling in those corny self help products they love in the US when it's all complete.

Congrats on the marriage front.

Later, you twat.

Tom Sharp

Gareth & Amy said...

Hello Tom,

You tracked me down!

Are you not on facebook? I've tried looking for you.

How's life?

G :)

Tom S said...

Hey Gareth,

I haven't got a facebook account, I can't be arsed with it to be honest.

Life's good. We went to Japan a while back as a delayed honeymoon, which was totally amazing.

My novel's still infinished....

Good luck with ONB - We have moderate credit card debt that needs to be cleared - maybe I can convince Karen to do something similar.

Anyway, speak soon, Tom.