Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Sex Toys!


We have just finished a project at work with KY. To help the team come up with ideas a ton of money was spent on sex toys and strange lubricants.

When the project was over everything was up for grabs.

But it is a bit weird taking a free sex toy home in front of your colleagues.

I waited until no-one was looking and then grabbed some stuff and shoved it into my bag.

I sat their pleased with my discretion. I was going to smuggle it out without any embarrassment. Or so I thought…

“Hey who has taken the blue thing?” asked Ara looking in the bag of freebies.

“What has someone taken it?”

“Who was it?”

“Yeah who was it.”

I tried to look innocent.

“I bet it was Gareth.”

Obviously I’m not very good at looking innocent.

“Have you got the blue thing?”

“Errrrr Yes,” said I

“Hey everyone, Gareth’s taking home that blue sex toy”

“Way to go Gareth.”

Someone who perhaps is perhaps more easily embarrassed then me might have died right there on the spot.

I ran home (picking up some batteries on the way).


little did Gareth know it was for a Teddy is now very satisfied ;)

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