Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'd run in the other direction


Someone once told me (WELL MANY PEOPLE HAVE SAID) that if they found out that their 'girlfriend/boyfriend' owed $180K in debt of any kind, they'd break up immediately and run the other way.

To which Gareth said, "Well, we all know what I did.'

That makes him a prince.

But what does that make me?

I have now been equated to:

a) a heavy drug user
b) a wife who racked up her credit card bills while her husband slaved away at two jobs
c) a ding-dong damsel in de-stress

I assure you I am none of the above ;)

1 comment:

jennymayla said...

Okay, as one of the people who said they would freak out when faced with a potential partner with that debt, here's the thing: It means I am sort of chicken. And this means you guys are strong and good. GO AMY AND GARETH!!!

xx Jennifer