Sunday, September 7, 2008

What would Amy do?


Well I guess everyone knows what I would do if I found out my partner owed $180,000 but I wonder what Amy would do if the tables were turned!

So I asked her last night. Here’s what she said:


Fuck it I'd say deal with it it's not my problem! JOKE...
I told Gareth that I would:

A) Make him my slave

B) Turn him into a male prostitute

C) Make him befriend a very old rich lady

D) Train him to steal

E) Make him get a night job (washing dished or delivering Chinese food)

F) Take care of him and help him with his debt...probably rent a cheap pad in Brooklyn and pay all the rent until he got his loans sorted...

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Lynne said...

here's something that might be of interest:

And she wrote a book about it, so presumably will make some more cash out of it

Keep up the good work!
Lynne (in South Africa)